Monday, January 3, 2011

I resolve to...

One recurring theme on lots of crafting blogs over the last 3 days seems to focus on crafting resolutions. As someone who spent 20+ years resolving to loose weight and get healthy every New Years, I no longer make resolutions. But then I saw these crafting resolutions and I thought it might be fun to play along. So, below is my list of 2011 Crafting Resolutions.

1. Perfect my Copics coloring technique. Practice. Practice. Practice.
2. Dive into the world of digi stamps.
3. Remove all newly purchased Cricut cartridges from their plastic casing and use them, at least once.
4. Update my blog more frequently.
5. Keep my craft room organized.
6. Use what I buy and not just collect (hoard).

There you have it. My list in no particular order. In an attempt to get organized, I've even listed project deadlines on a calendar so that when I need to deliver an order to someone, I'm not rushing to get it completed (I am hoping that this also helps me keep the craft room organized).

We'll see how it goes...


Anonymous said...

Great Michele! I could probably add all of those things to my list too, except for the open up cricut carts one (I wish I had a pile to open though).
I started using digis this year. I love them because I'm a girl that when I want something I want it now! and with digis I can do that (instead of waiting for them to arrive in the mail like rubber). cant wait to c what u create this yr! x

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